September 12, 2019

Today’s Promise

Christ Strengthens Me

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Are you struggling today? I hope this promise is an encouragement to you.

Have you ever felt like you were climbing up a never-ending hill? Have you felt like no matter how hard you try, the rest of the world was pushing against you? Maybe you have felt overwhelmed and just didn’t think you could make it through.

I know I have. When I have felt like giving up and didn’t think I could make it, I have quoted this promise again and again.

Through Christ’s strength, you can face and overcome any challenge that comes into your life.

The Apostle Paul experienced more than his share of problems and difficulties. The religious leaders of his day hated him, beat, whipped, imprisoned, and even had a crowd try to stone him to death. However, Paul was always faithful to the call God had placed on his life because he understood Christ would give him strength.

Even while sitting in a filthy Roman prison cell, facing an unknown future, Paul proclaimed that with Christ’s help, he could do all things. No matter what problem or difficulty you are going through right now, God will strengthen you.

God promises supernatural empowerment to face your greatest struggle.

Maybe God has called you to a ministry or to serve in a way that you don’t think you can handle. Remember, He will give you strength and power to accomplish it.

When you fail and feel like giving up, remember, Christ is in you, and He will give you the power, guidance, and strength to overcome.

When you feel like you are climbing an enormous mountain in your life, remember, Christ is strengthening you, and the crest of the hill is just around the corner.

There is never a need for despair or giving up because you can do all things through Christ.

Let’s look at this promise one more time.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

Confess this after me,

In Jesus Christ, I can do all things.
Whatever comes into my life, I can overcome it through the power of Christ in me.
No challenge or problem is too great for me.
I can accomplish whatever God has called me to because Christ will strengthen me.
Today, I walk in the power and strength of Christ in me.

In Jesus Name,

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