January 15, 2020

Today’s Promise

God Helps My Plans Succeed

Proverbs 16:3

Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.

We all want to be successful.

Who doesn’t want to see plans for their business, career, or family succeed? Everyone wants to see what they are working on be a success.

God gives us a simple plan in this powerful little promise. If you commit your plans to the Lord, He will establish them.

There are two parts to this promise.

First, you have to commit your plans to the Lord. Commit means to “roll over to.” In other words, you should roll your plans and the anxieties related to your plans over to the Lord. This includes submitting your plans for his approval. 

A few years ago, I led a church to relocate and build a new church building. We have to submit our plans to the city for their approval. WE could not begin construction until they were submitted and approved by the city. If the city rejected our plans or asked for modifications, we had to go back to the architect and made changes so they would be approved.

For your plans to be successful, you must submit your plans to the Lord for His approval. You commit your plans to His leadership and guidance. Then you must make adjustments to your plans according to His direction. Only then can your plan succeed.

Once you submit your plans to the Lord, He will lead you and direct you in the next steps. He will bring together the resources and help to establish the plans. 

Living in submission to the Lord allows the blessing of God to flow through you and into your plans. Your plans will be successful as you commit them to the Lord, trusting God to bring them to pass.

Look at that verse one more time.

Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

Confess this with me.

  • Today I submit all my plans to the Lord.
  • I am listening for His approval and direction.
  • I know He will lead and guide me.
  • God will establish my plans so they will be successful.

In Jesus Name,

How do you submit your plans to the Lord? Share your story in the comments below.