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November 15, 2022

God’ Word Keeps You From Sin

Your Word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.
Psalm 119:11

The Secret

The secret to overcoming temptation and sin is making God’s Word a priority in your life.

The Word of God is the foundation of the Christian life. 

The Bible says that our faith is developed by hearing the Word of God. (Romans 10:17). When you read and listen to God’s Word, you gain a better understanding of who you are and who God is. God’s Word (the Bible) helps you understand God, teaches you about Jesus and gives you instructions on how to live the Christian life.

However, something powerful happens when you put God’s Word into your heart. The Psalmist describes it as treasuring God’s Word.

Transformed Thinking

As you read, study, and memorize God’s Word, it transforms your thinking, your attitudes, and even how you live.

The more you place God’s Word in your life, the more His Word works to make you more like Jesus. As you “treasure” or make God’s Word a priority in your life, His Word renews your mind and keeps you from sin.

As you think about God’s Word throughout your day, the Holy Spirit begins transforming your mind. God’s Word literally changes your thinking. God’s thoughts become your thoughts, and His Word becomes your Word.

Your Guiding Blueprint

As you focus on God’s Word, it becomes your guiding blueprint for living. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that God’s Word will teach, correct, and train you. 

The more you allow God’s Word to become a part of your life, the more His Word shows you how to align your life with His Word. As this happens, you become more aware of sin and its consequences in your life. God’s Word guides and shows you where you stepped off the path and how to get back to all God has for you.

The great American Evangelist Dwight L. Moody once said, “The Bible will keep you from sin, and sin will keep you from the Bible.”

Transformed Living

As you place God’s Word deep in your heart, it transforms your thinking and living. It keeps you from sin and gives you strength when tempted. When you do sin, it shows you how to get back with the Lord. 

The Psalmist and Dwight Moody were right. The more you treasure God’s Word in your heart, the more you will walk in purity and obedience before the Lord.

Look at that promise again.

Your Word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You. – Psalm 119:11

Make these confessions.

  • As I treasure God’s Word, it renews my mind.
  • As I read and study God’s Word, it strengthens my faith.
  • God’s Word shows me when I sin and how to get right with God.
  • As I treasure God’s Word in my heart, it keeps me from sin.

In Jesus’ name,

As you allow God’s Word to go deep into your heart, it transforms your life and keeps you from sin.

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Can you think of a time when the joy of the Lord was your strength? (Share your thoughts in the comments below)

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  1. Karen November 15, 2022 at 6:39 am - Reply

    This is a beautiful Bible verse and lesson. ?

  2. Omer November 15, 2022 at 8:50 am - Reply

    This scripture reassures me in my Christian life. Thank you Bobby for your daily promise.

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