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February 22, 2021

Today’s Promise

Hope Brings Joy

Proverbs 10:28

The hope of the righteous brings joy.

How’s Your Hope?

How you view the future affects how you live today. As Christians, we have a hope that stretches beyond tomorrow and into eternity.

A person with no hope quickly falls into despair. Without hope, there is little to live for. When you lose hope, you lose everything. Without hope, all of life fades to a dull gray.

When often use the word “hope” when wishing for a future event. I hope” I get a raise next year. I “hope” our house sells quickly. I “hope” we eat at my favorite restaurant. 

More Than Wishful Thinking

For Christians, hope means more than wishful thinking. Our hope is the confident assurance that in Christ, our future is secure. We see beyond the circumstances of today to what God will bring about in the future. Hope is confidence in God.

Joy flows out of hope. Joy overflows when you have hope for tomorrow. Fear, worry, and distress fall away as your hope grows. 

As Christians, you have hope because You know that God is in control. Life is not an accident. God has a wonderful plan for your life. He has promised “abundant life” in Him. You can be confident that God will bring good things into your life tomorrow.

You know life is short, and your eternity is secure. For the Christian, there is no fear in death because your hope is in Christ. You know that when you close our eyes in death, you will open them in the presence of the Lord. Your hope for eternity is secure in Him.

Hope Brings Joy

You know that God knows your needs even before you ask Him. He is fully aware of everything you are going through. God is never surprised by the detours of life. He knows the trials, struggles, and joys you experience. He is working in your life to bring about His will for your benefit.

Your life is filled with joy as you place your hope and trust in Christ. As you hope in Christ, His joy will come springing up in your life as never before.

Look at that verse once again.

The hope of the righteous brings joy. – Proverbs 10:28

Confess this with me,

  • I have joy because my hope is in the Lord.
  • I don’t fear tomorrow because God is in control.
  • I have a confident assurance that I will spend eternity God’s presence enjoying the joys of heaven.
  • My joy overflows because I hope in Him.

In Jesus Name,

Remember, as you place your hope in Christ, joy will overflow your heart.

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