February 11, 2020

Today’s Promise

I Am Strong in the Lord

Ephesians 6:10

Soon or later, you’ll discover you’re living on a spiritual battlefield.

You may not see it as you drive to the office, or take the kids to school, but a spiritual battle is wagging all around you. The forces of darkness are coming against you and your family. 

The only way to survive and live in victory Christ has promised is to live in the strength and power of God.

Victorious Christians understand that their strength does not come from themselves, but from the power of Christ in them. 

This verse begins with “Be strong.”

It’s not a suggestion, but a command. Every command of God contains a promise. God never commands you to do something that He doesn’t provide the resources and power to accomplish. God commands you to be strong because He knows a spiritual battle is going on all around you. He is also the one who will strengthen you with His mighty power. It’s not about how strong you are, but about how strong He is within you.

Many Christians see themselves as weak and needy.

They live defeated unfruitful lives because they never draw on the power God has provided. They never, by faith step into all God has for them.

A small light bulb connects to the incredible capacity of the national power grid. Thousands of megawatts are available, but unless someone flips on the switch, nothing happens. There is great potential, but no light. 

God commands you to be strong in Him. He commands you to tap into His unlimited power and strength.

You are strong.

You may not feel like it today, but you are. All the power of God is available to you today. All the strength you will ever need has already been provided by Christ. As you draw on His strength, you will find new power for the problems of the day. You will see the enemy flee and have victory over every attack as you live in His strength. 

Look at that verse again.

Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. – Ephesians 6:10

Confess this with me.

  • In Jesus Christ, I am strong.
  • I will not be defeated by any attack of Satan.
  • I am empowered as I draw upon the strength of the Lord.
  • God’s power within me gives me victory over every enemy.

In Jesus Name,

You find strength, only as you draw upon God’s power within you. It’s not a one-time thing; it is continually tapping into the power God provides every moment of every day.

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