Today’s Promise

March 15, 2022

I Give You Grace and Peace

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 1:2

It Begins With Grace

If you are looking for peace, today’s promise is for you.

This simple promise was initially a greeting given by early Christian believers. It was more than just an “I hope you have a good day.” It was an expression of love and a confession of God’s work in their life.

Every blessing begins with God. He is the source of every good thing that comes into your life.

Every blessing begins with God’s grace. God’s grace is His undeserved blessings and favor to you. Every day God showers His grace on you.

You Can’t Earn Grace

It was God’s grace that sent Jesus to the cross to pay for your sin. It was God’s grace that drew you to Christ, and it was God’s grace that saved you through faith in Jesus. There is nothing you can do to earn the grace of God.

The peace of God is the result of His grace working in your life. Because of God’s grace, we can enter God’s presence unashamed and unafraid. God’s peace is a peace that goes beyond your understanding. His peace shows up when all is well and when everything is falling apart. God’s peace is a calm confidence that God is in control and working in your life.

Grace Brings Peace

It’s God’s desire for you to live in His peace. Since God is pouring His grace on you today, why allow your heart to be troubled with the problems you face? Since peace comes from God, why not allow His peace to flow through you no matter what you are facing today.

Because you have peace with God, you can also have peace with those around you. Since God has overwhelmed you with His grace, you can release grace in every relationship. How can you hold a grudge or refuse to forgive when God has done so much for you? How can you not release the same grace to others that He has given you?

Let’s review that promise again.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. – Ephesians 1:2

Make these confessions.

  • Today, God’s grace and peace are flowing over me.
  • I live in God’s unmerited favor and blessing.
  • God’s grace has removed my fear and shame.
  • I am at peace with God and myself.

In Jesus’ Name,

Today, God’s unmerited favor, blessing, and gifts are pouring over you. Because of His grace, you can walk in complete peace before Him and with those around you.

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With all that’s going on in the world, is it harder to walk in peace? (Share your thoughts in the comments below.)

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  1. Sameer Suresh Wadekar March 19, 2022 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    With God, His eternal peace helps us to be hopeful and be at peace with self. There is nothing impossible for God. Thank You.Thank You.Thank You.

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