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May 28, 2021

Today’s Promise

I Pray in Faith

Matthew 21:22

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

God Answers Prayer

God loves answering His children’s prayers. However, there is a condition to this promise on prayer. When you pray, it must be accompanied by faith. When you pray, you must believe God will answer your prayer. Praying in faith can move mountains; praying without faith is a waste of time.

Many people pray, but they don’t really believe God will answer their prayers. They pray to make themselves feel better or because they think they should. They don’t really connect with God or expect Him to answer. Because they are just going through the motions, they never see the results of their prayer. Prayer without faith is simply talking to yourself. 

Praying in Faith

However, when you pray in faith, amazing things begin to happen. Jesus said that God rewards those who pray in faith. Faith is the beginning point of prayer. Praying in faith is believing that God will not only hear your prayer but will answer your prayer.

Faith is putting what you believe into action. Praying in faith is putting your complete trust in God to bring an answer to your problem. When you pray in faith, you know God will answer.

Jesus, Help My Unbelief

Sometimes the greatest hindrance to prayer is your lack of faith. God welcomes you to put your faith and trust in Him. As your faith increases, the power of your prayer increases. As you see God answer prayer, your faith is strengthened.

If you are struggling in prayer, maybe your first prayer should be for God to strengthen and grow your faith. Then, perhaps you should echo the prayer of that man who brought his son to Jesus. “Jesus, help my unbelief.”

When you pray, expect God to answer. Submit your prayer to his will and leadership, then trust that He will bring it to pass. As you do, you will see your faith grow, and your prayer life becomes more dynamic as your prayers answered.

Look at that promise one more time.

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. – Matthew 21:22

Make these confessions.

  • I believe God hears and answers my prayers.
  • When I pray in faith, I receive from God what I ask.
  • When my faith is weak, God strengthens me.
  • My faith grows as I continue to pray in faith.

In Jesus Name,

Remember, faith opens the doors of heaven and brings God’s answer.

Let me give you a quick update by thanking everyone who has prayed for me as I’ve recovered from a double knee replacement. Your prayers have certainly been felt. I have left my walker and cane behind. I’m not ready to go hiking yet, but getting better each day. You will never know how much I have appreciated your love, prayer, and support during these days.

What are you praying in faith for today? Share your answer in the comments below.