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Special Prayer Edition

Coronavirus Prayer

Seven Prayers for the Covid-19 Outbreak

President Trump declared Sunday, March 15th, as a national day of prayer.

God’s people have always called out to the Lord during times of difficulty and distress. As the Coronavirus virus sweeps around the world, we know that God is still on His throne and answers the prays of His people.

With that in mind, here are seven prayers regarding the Covid-19 virus. I believe God still answers our prayers, and as we as His people join in pray across the country, He will hear our prayer and heal our land.

1. Pray for medical professionals.

Father, today I pray for our medical professionals. I know they are working day and night to provide care for those who are suffering. Give them strength and stamina. I pray You protect them and keep them from becoming infected as they serve others. In the name of Jesus.

2. Pray for a cure.

Father, you have supernaturally healed in the past, and You still do today. I pray for a cure for this virus. Empower and give insight to those working on a vaccine and treatment. I pray the infection rate to stop and for this virus to die off. I pray for a miraculous result in the name of Jesus.

3. Pray government leaders.

Father, I pray for government leaders. Give President Trump and other federal leadership special wisdom and insight. I pray our leaders work together as they make decisions impacting our country. I pray for our local leaders as they make decisions in areas they have never had to deal with. Father bring unity in our nation and our leaders. In the name of Jesus.

4. Pray for those who are suffering from the virus or have lost loved ones.

Father, I pray for those who are suffering from this virus. I pray for healing for those who have the virus, give them comfort and strength. I pray for the families who have lost loved ones. Be with them and comfort them. I pray there would be no more deaths from this virus. In the name of Jesus.

5. Pray for faith and against fear.

Father, fear has taken over our country. I stand against the work of Satan and his kingdom, which spread fear and panic across the nation. 2 Timothy 1:7 says that God has not given us a spirit of fear, so I stand in faith today. I refuse to live in fear, and I stand in faith and the power You have given me. In the name of Jesus.

6. Pray that people will turn to the Lord.

Father, I pray You use this time of crisis to bring people to You. Father, I pray the Holy Spirit will speak to millions of people and show them the love of Christ. As they see how fragile life is, let them call out to You for salvation. I pray for a spiritual awakening in this time of distress. Let me be a lighthouse of faith with boldness to share the Gospel as never before. In the name of Jesus.

7. Pray for protection.

Father, I pray for protection from this virus for myself and my family. As the death angel passed over the houses of the Children of God, I pray this virus would pass over us as well. Father, place a hedge of protection around my home and family. Station angels all around me and my family to protect us from the virus. I pray Your peace rest on us during these fearful times. In the name of Jesus.


Keep Praying

You can download a copy of these prayers for free. Just hit the home page and enter your name and email!

Don’t just pray today. Take moment and share these seven prayers with your friends and fellow church members. I believe we as we join together in prayer, God will move on our behalf We have a wonderful opportunity to show the power and love of Christ. Let’s be light of faith in the midst of this fearful time.

I am praying you stand in faith, believing God will answer our prayer and heal our land. Let’s start a grassroots movement of prayer.

Take a moment and let me know you are praying with me by posting a comment below.